Starting a business is bold – and growing your idea into a successful venture is hard. You’ll probably lose sleep. You may even feel like giving up. Here’s some free advice: don’t do that. No startup is an island – and from what we’ve seen, the best businesses are built with connections, community and collaboration. What we’re saying is, whether you’re just starting out or you’re well on the journey, we’re here for the ride. We combine the expertise and dedication of a traditional law and accounting firms with the big vision and street cred of entrepreneurs. We’re as keen as you are about your startup, and we’re committed to giving you the best resources and services to bring your idea to life.


From starting a business to taking on investment and venture capital, our Startup Lawyers have the experience and skills to keep your startup covered on the legal front. Don't know where to find a shareholders agreement or employment contracts? Need help navigating Term Sheets and Cap Tables? We know a thing or two (or many) about structuring startups with strong legal foundations, getting your business ready for rapid growth.



Now more than ever, there are many government initiatives offering financial support (Free money!) to grow startups and small businesses across Australia. But understanding exactly what's out there can be really tricky. We've compiled all national and state-specific information into one single location to help you navigate the grants landscape and check your eligibility. Once you've found the grant/s for you, book a chat and we'll help you write and submit your application.



Solid accounting is key to driving your business forward. Our startup accountants and finance experts offer valuable guidance on bookkeeping, payroll, forecasting and tax compliance, along with accounting tech systems setup (heard of Xero?), DIY workshops & integrations. Essentially, our accounting team takes care of all the stuff you don’t time to do because you’re focused on what matters most: growing your business. We've put together a handy, current Stimulus Tracker to keep you up-to-date with the latest initiatives for startups and small businesses through COVID-19.



If you could build a business on an idea alone, everyone would be Elon Musk. In reality, it takes hard work and a lot of support. So, if you’ve got a killer idea that needs the strategy, expert mentorship, legit marketing or specific know-how to give it legs, we can help. Our talented experts will give you the exact tools to take your idea to the next level.


We know that sometimes there's only so much you can grow without investors. If you're hunting out the right angel investors or venture capital firms to give your startup the lift it needs to level-up - we'll help craft an investment strategy, refine your communication approach, and build a remarkable pitch deck. Once that's all done, we'll introduce you to our uniquely cultivated investor network.


We’re committed to shaping a truly inclusive and supportive entrepreneur community in Australia. With this in mind, we’re building new relationships every day with organisations (like Startup Victoria AND Launch Vic) who are as driven as we are to create new programs, platforms and products to accelerate remarkable Australian startups.



Ronen lives and breathes startups and is extremely passionate about developing and supporting an ecosystem in Australia, in which young people can thrive in non-traditional careers. After working as a suit and tie corporate lawyer for over 4 years, fed up with how professional services were being delivered to young entrepreneurs, in 2015 Ronen founded Luna


Tessa developed her passion for startups as an in-house lawyer at one of Australia's leading property tech startups. Tessa loves learning in all forms and believes in the power of information. In her spare time, Tessa is a surfer, podcast-addict and legal advisor to TEDxMelbourne.

MEET SAM DU PREEZ Head of Programs

Sam brings a decade of experience in building the world’s most recognised consumer electronics and tech brands. Knowing the courage it takes to leap into the startup world, she’s passionate about walking that journey with founders. When she’s not thinking of ways to make big ideas bigger, you’ll find her painting, reading, or listening to true-crime podcasts - always accompanied by her greyhound, Patrick.

MEET Daniel Ross Head of Financial Services

Our resident overachiever, Dan is a Chartered Accountant AND a qualified lawyer. His fave past time is building investable financial models - a skill he has honed during his 5 years with PwC. When he takes a break from being a finance gun, you can find him in the garden or watching horror films.

MEET Adam Milgrom Entrepreneur in Residence

Adam is a highly proficient strategist with over 10 years experience across a range of industries. He is an active investor in early stage Australian and International businesses.

MEET Ben Hansky Startup Lawyer

Ben is a Legal Project Manager who is passionate about the intersection of traditional business and impactful thinking. He is a firm believer that innovation will be a major factor in driving positive social change. In his spare time he loves to listen to a wide array of music and spend time in the great outdoors.

MEET Louis Zetlin Senior Startup Lawyer

Louis is an experienced startup lawyer and advisor with a passion for innovation, technology and social impact. After working for several years at large commercial firms, Louis caught the entrepreneurship bug and shifted his focus to startups. A true 'full-stack' lawyer, Louis specialises in end-to-end support for startups and entrepreneurs. In his spare time, Louis enjoys cooking and making funky beats.

MEET Josh Sharma Startup Lawyer

Josh is passionate about all things tech and utilises this knowledge to provide valuable commercial insights to our clients. In his spare time he loves growing all manner of vegetables, making pickles and cooking.

MEET Emma Ferguson Senior Startup Lawyer

Emma developed expertise as a transactional lawyer at the top-end-of-town before joining the Luna team. When not at work, Emma can be found eating copious amounts of cheese, painting or enjoying the great outdoors.

MEET Gideon Heine Content Producer

Gideon is our creative wizard who is constantly producing video content. After honing his skills in New York with Vs Magazine, he has gone on to produce everything from short-form documentary to incredible gifs. If you need help producing content in startups, then holla at the wizard.

MEET Noyan Nalbantoglu Startup Lawyer

Noyan is a startup lawyer who loves using his legal experience to turn ideas into successful ventures. Noyan is passionate about working with ambitious founders to disrupt existing industries. Outside of LUNA, Noyan can be found soaking up the sun, cooking new pasta sauces and chasing the perfect aperitivo hour.

MEET Kara Harrison Startup Accountant

Kara joins the Luna team as a graduate accountant, eager to dive into the startup world and give founders one less thing to worry about. When she's not lost in bank reconciliations, you’ll find her planning an overseas adventure, trying to keep her indoor plants alive or convincing her friends that wine and cheese night can be every night.

MEET Yohan Philip Startup Lawyer

Yohan loves making new ideas commercially viable and profitable. His experience across law and branding give him a better insight into his client's big picture business. When he's not in the office you can find him running the tracks and roads of Melbourne or wielding his guitar to a tune at home.

MEET Katie Higgins Startup Lawyer

Katie is passionate about the start-up community and entrepreneurship. She joins Luna with several years’ experience as a commercial transaction and litigation lawyer. As a strategic legal thinker, her focus is on providing a fresh and innovative approach to legal services, especially in the start-up area. If she isn’t helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, she can be found patting dogs, climbing mountains or eating dumpling.


We might run a tech-based company, but we’re also 100% human. It’s one of the best parts about working with us. With bots and online-only services popping up left, right and centre it can be hard to actually talk face-to-face with startup experts. We prefer the experience of sitting down with you (preferably over a cold-drip coffee) and getting the work done. Book yourself in for a complimentary, no-obligations chat now.

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